Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beach House Renovation/Makeover Finale

Well I am back on in Davidson now and am extremely pleased with the way the kitchen turned out.

I will keep things short here and just show pictures.  :)















Okay so this needs a little explanation.  I ran out of glue literally with 2.25 boards left to put up.  Well I got those boards cut and tested this morning and we needed to get going so knowing I had some additional projects in the future I didn’t want the tube of glue to dry between now and then so I didn’t glue them or paint them.  You will notice I added a 45 degree miter on the end to match with the counter top. 

Well the Grand total for this quick weekend makeover was a whopping $50 you heard that correctly.  I used 25 boards at $1.32 a piece, two tubes of Liquid Nail, half a tube of caulk, paint and some plastic scrapers to smooth out the glue.

Have a Great Day!


  1. Nice makeover. Even better price. Well done.

  2. Thanks Rory. It was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the additional projects.



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