Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Milk Paint Revisited

I have had some great response to the Jelly cupboard from you here, Facebook and from my friends and family.  I have a couple of things to add to the last post that have come up. 

Heather asked to see some close up pics of the cupboard for a look at the grain.  I think that’s one of the great things about milk paint is that it still lets you see some of the grain. So Heather here you go I hope it helps making the decision on using milk paint. 


Here is a look at the grain running across top of the door.  You can also see the dowels that are used to hold the half lap joint together. 






Here is a shot of one of the knots on the side.  I would imagine you could add another coat and cover up the grain and knots if that’s what you are looking for.






Okay part two:

I talked with Anne the President over at The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company about some of the things I mentioned in the last post about milk paint and she gave me a few pointers on the milk paint to make it smoother and easier to paint.

Here is an excerpt from the email that she sent me the other day:

Milk paint really is a rustic, crude, lumpy old fashioned paint. Make sure to let it sit for a little while after you mix it, and you can use a kitchen rubber spatula to squeeze the paint on the edges of your container to help get the lumps out. After letting it sit a little while you can also strain it through some cheesecloth or better yet a piece of a nylon stocking or pantyhose- that works great!

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance, and thanks again.
Best Regards,
Anne Thibeau
The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co., Inc.

I will be using here suggestions on the next go round.  I hope this helps you guys out. 

Have a Great Day!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Milk Paint – You painted with milk are you nuts?

No No, we didn’t paint with milk.  That could be interesting however.  What I did do is use a great product from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company.  This paint is something akin to what early American craftsmen would have used in painting their furniture or other household items.  Milk paint was made at home by hand typically using skim or buttermilk, and a combination of limestone and more or less anything they could find for color.  What The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company did was create their own recipe for their reproduction furniture business.  After seeing what they were able to accomplish they started receiving requests for their paint and thus what we have today. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day with a few pens for Father’s Day

My friend/neighbor asked me to make some pens for her husband, father and father-in-law.  It’s always a huge honor when someone asks me to make a pen for someone else as a gift.  It on the other hand makes me very nervous as well because I am usually charging them for the pens, I don’t usually try to make much money off of them because it’s a hobby and I enjoy doing it and I have a hard time charging friends full retail for things like this.  I always fret over if the piece(s) are up to standard and up to par and if they will like them all that kind of fun stuff.  I am very pleased with the way these pens turned out.  They are very beautiful in my mind and it was almost difficult to give them up, but I did and I believe that she was pleased with the end result. 

Let me know what you think about them.

IMG_4025_1067x800The pens are made from Amboyna Burl it’s an exotic wood from several different areas in Asia.  In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful woods out there.  I would love to some day build a piece of furniture out of it.  However it is EXTREMELY expensive and it would cost an arm and a leg to even make a top to a small table but I think it would be worth it.IMG_4026_1067x800 

Now sorry for the plug but if you would like a pen for yourself or as a gift please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the options. 



Have a Great Day!



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