Saturday, April 17, 2010

Added Simple Forum

I have added a simple Forum Feature to the blog.  I have added a couple of categories.  I’m just trying this out.  If it takes off great if it dies so be it.  It’s really hopefully a place for you to talk to each other and ask questions and ask me questions. 

To access the forum just click Forum at the top of the page in the navigation menu.

Please keep all discussions civil and please no profanity and flaming of other people.  My Parents read this blog.  :)

Lets keep all discussions to the topic of the forum. 

Have a Great Day!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Have a Winner!!!!

Jen from Minneapolis is our winner, Congratulations Jen.  Jen became a follower on Twitter. 

Thank you everyone for entering and don’t worry I plan on doing another give-a-way down the road. 

Now that the give-a-way is over we can get moving on the WIWW Nightstand build. 

Thanks again……

Have a Great Day!

Woodworking Wednesdays #3

Welcome to the third installation of Woodworking Wednesdays.  Last week was kind of light.  I’m wondering if this should be a monthly post as opposed to weekly.  What are your thoughts?

** The Drawing for the Kreg Jig will be done tonight.  I will reach out to the winner and as soon as I hear from them I will announce the winner.  Thank you all for joining the site and I look forward to working with you through your woodworking journey.

This weeks link party will last from Wednesday 4/14 – 4/18 11:59pm. 

David's Air compressor Stand

Heather’s Kitchen Table from Week 1




Here are the Rules:
1. Select any project that you created using any type of woodworking.  If you cut, beat, sanded or just did something with wood consider that woodworking.
2. Add a link of you post to the party – This is a link to the actual post not the main page of your blog.
3. Give a description of your project so everyone knows what you are featuring.
4. Grab the button above and add a link to this party so that your readers can join in on the fun.

Have a Great Day!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WIWW: Miter Saw Recommendations and Use Pt. 1

During our nightstand build I will be recommending that you use a Miter Saw. The miter saw is a versatile tool that every woodworker/ DIYer should have in their shop. I highly recommend using a sliding miter saw. A sliding miter saw gives increased flexibility in that you can crosscut wider boards, typically boards up to 12”. Miter saws can differ in price dramatically you can spend anywhere from $89 on a low end 10” miter saw all the way up to the ultimate (insert high end car/purse/jewelry here i.e. Mercedes/Coach/Harry Winston) of tools a Festool Kapex KS-120 MSRP $1399. If a Festool Rep is reading this I will be more than happy to do a review for you if you would like to send me one. I promise I will send it back. As you can see there is a wide range of pricing.


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