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First of all, Thank you for stopping by Grover woodworks.  Now onto a little about me, since thats why your here anyway.   My Name is Kevin,  I am married to one of the greatest women on earth and don't know what I would have done with out her all these years.  I am currently the father on one of the greatest kids.  I know don't all parents say that.  He really is great.  I have had a passion for woodworking from an early age.  We currently live in Davidson, NC I am a native of North Carolina and don't plan on leaving.  I would love to end up in the mountains of NC.  My wife and I love it up there.

My father built several projects when I was a kid and I loved to be out in the shop with him.  He always taught us to respect the tools and how to use them properly and never turned us away if we were interested in something.  He is the one that really got me into it.  I can remember many Saturdays as a kid and  teenager watching Norm Abram on New Yankee Workshop and Bob Villa on This Old House.  I'm sure I complained about it some then but I am grateful now.  Those were some great shows.  I spent many years on my own watching and reading what I could about woodworking and was able to in the last several years begin acquiring tools.  I am no expert and will never consider myself an expert no matter how much I have done or how long I have done it.  There is one thing that my parents instilled into me and that is there is always room to learn and you can learn from anyone.

I hope that you enjoy the site and I can help you expand your woodworking, DIY and Home Improvement Horizons.

The name Grover came from my wife.  There was a gentleman in one of our Churches that played banjo in a  bluegrass band and she thought it was a great name and so she nicknamed me Grover and I thought it made a great name for a blog.  Now I just need to learn to play the banjo.

This is Grover Jr. the greatest shop helper there is.

Have a Great Day!


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