Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beach House Renovation/Makeover Day 2

Welcome back for the second install of the Beach House Renovation/Makeover.  As you know we were working on the kitchen this weekend. 

After a little bit of work first thing this morning I got things to this point.




Beach House Renovation/Makeover Day 1

Welcome from Holden Beach, NC.  I took a few days off work to come relax at the beach.  I guess I was experiencing Woodworking/Makeover withdrawal as I convinced my in-laws that they should let me do some work to their kitchen, with some consultation with my wife we decided on a plan.  We formulated the plan presented it to them and they were good with it.

During our car ride to the home store we changed the plan.  We then promptly advised my in-laws of the change in plans.  There were a few trust us we know what we are doings moments and a few moments when I was telling them trust us that I questioned myself. So I faked it.  A few purchases later and I was on my way.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jelly Cupboard Build Update or not…..

Well unfortunately I haven’t had any time this week to make any progress on the Jelly Cupboard.  I really can’t wait to get it done.  I think it is going to look great.  I was out of town most of the weekend and then last night I had a server crash at work and was here until 4am and back at 8:15am.  Lots of Fun..

I have however ordered the Tin and Tools needed to punch the tin for the front.  My wife will be punching the tin.  I am going to build a little holding jig for her.  I will show that when I get it built.  I had plans to make this elaborate jig that was adjustable for different sizes of tin and all that good stuff.  In thinking about it I decided to keep it simple(KISS). 

We should have all that in next week.  I also have a couple of projects that are jumping to the front that just came up that I will feature here.  I will be making a handful of custom pens.  There are several for a wedding, some for other gifts and a set of pens that are going to go into a Cigar Shop.  <—Those are going to be interesting.  I will be working on a couple others as well.  I have 3 more drawers to get stripped on the Dresser Redo.  I am going to try and work on those tonight and get those knocked out and hopefully get the dresser prepped for paint next week. 

I really need to get it out of the shop and get the bedroom makeover underway.  The makeover will include a review of the Kreg Crown-Pro crown molding jig.  I will show how to use it and give you my thoughts on it as a tool for use around the house. 

Have a Great Day!


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