Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beach House Renovation/Makeover Day 1

Welcome from Holden Beach, NC.  I took a few days off work to come relax at the beach.  I guess I was experiencing Woodworking/Makeover withdrawal as I convinced my in-laws that they should let me do some work to their kitchen, with some consultation with my wife we decided on a plan.  We formulated the plan presented it to them and they were good with it.

During our car ride to the home store we changed the plan.  We then promptly advised my in-laws of the change in plans.  There were a few trust us we know what we are doings moments and a few moments when I was telling them trust us that I questioned myself. So I faked it.  A few purchases later and I was on my way.


So the plan is to take this kitchen









There is a hint in this picture as to what I am about to do.

Can you see it?

Yep there it is.








As stack of wood.  Do you know what I am doing know.

You guessed it batten board backsplash the Triple B, The Three Amigo B’s, the wooden tenors…….  I know I went to far.

Things started off slow.  Then got slower and then stopped, then started up again.  Here is the pictorial…..













In the picture above you may notice some lines around the outlets and switches.  I drew lines around the outlet/switch covers for reference points for all of my cuts.  We decided to let everything be inset in the wood.  All the areas and the wood will be painted white when we are done.  You can bring the outlets/switches flush with the wood it just take a little more work.  We decided with us only being here for the weekend that we would go this route and I actually like it personally.  It will look great when everything is white.  Don’t worry I will post pics.



















I finally got the wall mostly done.  If you look in the second to last picture where the wood stops and am going to add to small shelves there and we are going to switch the orientation of the wood and run it horizontally all the way up the window to just under the crown molding.  I will also do the same thing over the Stove.  This will add some contrast to the layout and give it that custom look.  I hope….

Hopefully I will have everything wrapped up tomorrow with the trim work and we can get it all painted.  A few things to note on this.  I am using Liquid nail to attach the wood directly to the Formica backer.  The backer is on there pretty good and again being that I am here for a weekend didn’t want to chance tearing up the wall and having to repair that in addition to this.  I have used 3 tools on this project a Miter saw, table saw and a jigsaw.  I believe my mother in-law really likes the look and apparently I am going to be invited back down to apply a similar treatment to the master bathroom.  I think that is what she said…  I’m a little tired at this point and don’t totally remember.  If you have any questions about how I did something just leave me a comment.

More to come tomorrow……..


Have a Great Day!


  1. Nice clean job! I want to see the finished and painted pics when you are done.

  2.'s lookin' good so far...can't wait to see the final pic!

  3. Thanks Rory. I am getting it there. Not to much longer.

    Thanks Kendra. I am pretty happy with the way things are turning out. I should have final pictures tomorrow. I did post a second install be sure to check it out.

  4. Would love to see it when its complete! I am in the midst of chronicling my kitchen makeover... it's taken a LONGGG time! You're doing a great job!

  5. Thanks Lisa.. This is just a quick weekend makeover. There are some additional things we are talking about doing but nothing drastic. Let me know when you get your makeover posted. I love look at them and getting inspiration. Thank for the compliment. I hope to have "Finished" pictures tomorrow.

  6. Fabulous! It puts my own variation to shame. :) Love how authentic yours is. Way to know how to vacation, my friend. LOL

    Thanks for linking this up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  7. Thanks Donna. I am very please how it turned out. I will have the Completed Pics up. I really appreciate that comment coming from you. Your stuff is always amazing looking.



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