Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beach House Renovation/Makeover Day 2

Welcome back for the second install of the Beach House Renovation/Makeover.  As you know we were working on the kitchen this weekend. 

After a little bit of work first thing this morning I got things to this point.








I decided to add some small shelves on each side of the window and also changed the orientation of the wood for some additional contrast.







I got things moving down the side wall.  It’s looking good.  We debated leaving the wood natural but between having glued directly to the Formica backer board and having a good amount of it showing and not really being able to extend the power outlets to sit flush on the boards we decided it would be best to continue with out plan of painting the boards. 



Here is the window with the shelves painted.  You will notice we did a kind of whitewash/distressed look.  I think it is turning out real well.


I also changed the orientation of the wood over the stove, it might be hard to see in the picture but the last board has 45 degree bevel towards the wall to allot for removal of the range hood if needed.  I even tested getting to the screws and didn’t have any trouble.



I continued the batten board on the other side of the oven.  Everything was going great and I ran out of glue with only two boards left to go, so back to the store tonight to get some more glue.  Tomorrow I will finish up the last two boards, caulk around counter top and underneath the cabinets, replace all the outlet covers.  Tomorrow I will also let you know how much we spent on this project. 

Can you guess how much we spent?  Leave a comment. 

I will post final pictures tomorrow and let you know the cost of the project. 

Have a Great Day!

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  1. Kevin did this in 3 days. The kitchen now has that "beach feel" and we are delighted. Kevin is a true craftsman and can do about anything as far as we have seen. Love this kitchen now and hope to do more to our house as soon as "Grover is available." Vickie and Fred Gold



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