Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Tool Kreg Deck Jig

Kreg Tool just announced a new tool/jig yesterday for the DIY’er.  It is called the Kreg Deck Jig.  It looks pretty interesting. 

It allows you to drill concealed screws into your deck board and also comes with spacers so that you get even spacing between your boards.  I think it might have some merit. 

To learn more about the jig check out Kreg’s Ning Site

Here is a video from Youtube on the site

The MSRP is $99.99 on this Jig which isn’t to bad.  If it is a time saver and secures the boards better then I know it would be worth the money.  I don’t have any decks planned in the next 12 months so don’t know that I will be purchasing this to review it.  If that changes you will know.  :)

Disclaimer:  I am in no way affiliated with Kreg Tool Company I am just a DIY’er who happens to use and enjoy their tools. 

Have a Great Day!
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  1. I viewed the video. I wonder how accessible the screws are once the lumber is in place. Another words, when you have to replace a board in a few years, just how easy is it to find the screw and get to it? I do really like the idea that the screws are hidden. Interesting jig.

  2. Rory that is a good point. Let me check into that and I will find out what the Kreg Tool company says about that. I would think that you could get to them and replace a single board if you needed to. If you notice in the video they are using composite decking so you wouldn't have to worry about that. I still can't afford that stuff. :)

  3. I spoke with a Rep. from Kreg and he told me that you would be able to easily access the screw with the included driver bit and replace the board without having to take up the others. I am coming up with a "need" for this to review and test. I think my back yard needs a nice pergola.



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