Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jelly Cupboard Update 2

I had a little more time to work on the Jelly Cupboard and was able to get the door hung.

IMG_3912_1024x768 IMG_3913_1024x768

I need to put some cross braces on and get the punch tin done.  Throw on some Milk paint and I am done.  I am looking forward to completing this.  It’s probably one of the more complex projects I have taken on so far.  Then we will be on to the WIWW build.  Hoping to go get the wood for that tomorrow.  Once that’s complete I will be focusing on the guitar build for a little while.

Should be interesting.  I am thinking I am going to do a little video of that as well.  Who knows, with this being my first one and not being sure of my ability.  I honestly feel a little crazy taking on such a project at this point in my woodworking journey, but I have come to the realization lately that there are sometimes you have to stop trying to learn and spend time doing.  I also find that in that doing I tend to learn significantly more than I would have just reading about it and really if you don’t start the project you can never know if you can accomplish it and learn and become better.  My only worry is that it will play like crap.  I care what it looks like but I would rather have a good/great playing guitar out of my first one than one that plays like crap and looks great.  If it looks like crap I can fix that.  If it plays like crap I can fix that to I will just be a little more disappointed in my abilities.

I guess my take away from this for you is that if you want to do something and supposed “Talent”, “Skill” or worry that you are getting ready to screw up some beautiful Mahogany and Maple are standing in your way.  Kick them over, bust up in that joint like you own the place and get to work.  A master craftsman didn’t become a master craftsman by sitting and looking at books, videos or the internet all day, he became a master craftsman by doing it.  It doesn’t matter if that Craftsman taught himself, went to school or learned it from a friend or family member he/she ultimately had to put tool to wood and make something.  So lets get out there and build something. 

Have a Great Day!

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