Friday, April 30, 2010

Jelly Cupboard Build Update

Now that I have had some time in the shop I started working on the Jelly Cupboard Build again.  I need to get that out of the shop so I can get reorganized and cleaned up to start the WIWW nightstand/beach house nightstand. 

I thought I would post a few pics of that I was able to get done tonight. 


This is part of the door frame.  It is constructed with a half lap joint.  There are a couple of ways to accomplish this joint.  There are two ways specifically to accomplish this on a table saw (Well Two ways that I know of I am sure there other ways) one is to use a Dado Set which I have loaned out currently, the second and the way that I accomplished this is to use your regular blade and nibble away that the wood. 

Essentially I like to figure out the width of my cut set my fence that width and make my first cut.  Now if you do this make sure you use your miter gauge with a sacrificial fence, this does a couple of things.  It provides support to the back of the wood as well as giving you some additional support on the board you are cutting.  I make my first cut with the wood against the fence just touching not real tight on the fence you don’t want to cause a bind or have it kick on you.  Now with the first cut made I move the board just a hair to the left to let the blade nibble away at the next piece and then rinse and repeat until I get to the last cut.  You will need to do some clean up. 

If you look at the board you probably missed some pieces if they are large pieces you can line them up with the blade and cut them out.  If they are just fragments of wood hanging there your best bet is a piece of sand paper a 1/4 sheet sander or even a block plane.  I opted for the block plane because I have geeked out on using hand tools as much as I can lately.  I guess you could use a chisel as well. 


Once you have nibbled away at both the boards you will have a joint that looks similar to the one seen here.  Now you can see why it’s called a half lap joint.  This is a pretty neat Joint and I can see using this in future projects.

As you can see in the previous picture I also drilled a couple of holes for dowels.  They are supposed to help reinforce the joint.  With modern glue I don’t really think there is a need for reinforcement however from a cosmetic aspect they fit well with this piece. 



Here is a quick shot of the body of the cupboard.  I had some time to paint part of the inside.  I need to finish that up.  Obviously the inside will be white and the outside is going to be a grayish/green color.  Should be interesting.  I am doing it all with milk paint.  I will do a post on that at some point as it is somewhat different than regular paint. 

At this point I need to finish up the door frame and cut the hinge mortise and get everything mounted.  Mrs. Grover will be doing the punched tin for the door.  I’m hoping i can get her setup this weekend and get that knocked out. 



Have a Great Day!


  1. That is looking great. Well done. I look forward to seeing it painted.

  2. Thanks Brian. I am really hoping to get it finished up this weekend so I can get the nightstand built and move on to the guitar. :)

  3. Thanks Brenda. I am so close to finishing this thing. Hope to knock it out this week/weekend.



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