Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What am I doing?

I am currently reading Make Your Own Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock.  I am prepping myself as best I can for my first guitar build.  This is hopefully the start of a Career.  I’m hoping that over the next 10 years I can develop my skill at building guitars and make a Full Time career of it.  It’s a tough business to get into especially competing with the Big dogs out there but I still believe there is a good market for Custom Built and Hand Built Guitars both Acoustic and electric.  Like most things I have decided to just teach myself at least in the beginning.  I’m sure I will take some classes down the road but for now it’s full steam ahead. 

Tomorrow night I plan to go into the shop and finally knock out the post on Tuning a Miter Saw.  I hope to have that up tomorrow night or Thursday.  Once that post is done I will start on the WIWW Nightstand build and start the post with that.  I want to break up each section into it’s own post so you have a step by step guide to building the nightstand.  Sorry it has been taking so long on this.  I know I got everyone all excited with the Series.  I had some really great responses.  April is about over and all of my commitments are mostly taken care of so I can spend some time focusing on the series and getting it done right for you. 

On a side note….   In a jonesing for something woodworking I tackled a new type of woodworking tonight.  Well not so much new as it was adapting some current skills into producing something else.  I am excited about it and will post about that as well in the future but for now it is going to be a closely held secret.  I think you will find it interesting as well.  Tonight was mostly prototyping and figuring out how I wanted to do things.  I still have a lot of figuring out to do on the project but think I am well on my way. 

I also got to spend sometime in the shop with Grover Jr. tonight.  We had a Parent/Child Project that we completed tonight from Home Depot.  It was a little shelf kit with the number 20 Home Depot Car.  Pretty neat.  If you want to spend some quality time with you son or daughter I highly HIGHLY recommend the Lowes Build And Grow Program.  I took Grover Jr. to one a few weeks back and we built a Kaleidoscope.  There was just something very cool about spending sometime with him just the two of us sharing something that I love with him and seeing him enjoy it. 

Here are some pictures after a successful morning of building.

IMG_3481_1024x768 IMG_3482_1024x768 












He is a trip.  We never could get him to stop making faces.  I really totally so don’t know where he gets it from.


Have a Great Day!


  1. Great teaser on the new woodworking skill! Becoming a luthier looks hard to me. I am sure you will figure it out though. I look forward to watching the progress.

  2. Thanks Brian... Yeah it's one of those things like a lot of things in woodworking it seems very daunting at first and it is but if you break it up in to little pieces and conquer those pieces to becomes much easier. Now I say that having not built one guitar yet, but it's kind of like when you build your first table or bookcase you just break down the project into bite size pieces and make sure you have them complete to your liking and next thing you know you have a stable bookshelf waiting for the books.

    Now when I get into Acoustics that's where my pucker factor will go up as there is much more involved with those than an electric but I play and love both so I am learning how to build both.



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