Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shop Block so I got a new tool

So the last couple of days I have had what I consider shop block.  My mental state has just not been in the game the last couple of days.  I think part of it is that I am scared to start this Guitar Build.  It’s all new to me and that scares me.  I don’t like the unknown.  I seem to go through this each time I undertake a new type of woodworking.  I’ll spend the next few days finding excuses not to start the project and then another few days looking into more detail thinking I am prepping my self.  I guess this is my process.  I know this about myself and I accept it but at the same time this is such a huge project for me I am even more scared at this point.  I have high expectations and want to have this turn out well but at the same time I am realistic and know that it will not be the “perfect” guitar.  I have to get my mind right.  I’m getting close.  That’s part of the reason I spent some much time cleaning up the shop and also will continue to clean up.  I really want to have things very organized so that I can focus on the guitar and building it.  Also when I have shop block I will take on smaller projects to reassure myself that I do have some skills and it helps me realize that what ever that current project and form of woodworking is that I started in the same spot as I am now with guitars and know that I will improve with each one that I build.


Anyway….  Now onto the new tool.  I have been turning for a couple years and thought I would eventually upgrade to a larger lathe well that day was today.  I found a killer deal on a Harbor Freight Lathe for $85 and couldn’t pass it down.  It is lightly used and should be a lot of fun. 



Maybe playing with this will help me to get my Shop Block taken care of. 

Have you ever experienced shop block.  If so let me know how you over came it?


Have a Great Day!

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  1. I have some projects for you to work on till you get over your shop block. ;)



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