Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fountain Pens

One aspect of woodworking that I really enjoy is turning pens on my lathe.  I have been turning pens for a little over a year.  It is very interesting to relatively square piece of wood or acrylic turn into round piece of wood or acrylic.  I recently decided that I wanted to make a fountain pen for myself, so I purchased some really cool blanks from a place called Exotic Blanks they have some really amazing links I also purchased a pen kit from WoodCraft they are a national chain but there are usually very few around.  The kit that I purchased is a Cambridge Hybrid Fountain Pen.  After an hour or so of drilling, gluing, and turning the pen blank I had what I wanted and I assembled the kit.  This is the result of that effort.  I am pretty happy with it and I am now hooked on writing with a fountain pen.

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