Monday, January 11, 2010

End Table

Thanks to inspiration from Ana at KnockOffWood I built this awesome table for my wife. It is a copy of the Hyde Side Table from Pottery Barn. Love their stuff but being a woodworker I know I can build it better and at least this time MUCH Cheaper. I have about $35 in this thing with stain and paint. I will be building a Coffee table and probably at least one more side table to go with this set.

As you can see I distressed the top. This was achieved using a small chisel, power sander, and a bag full of wood screws.
The top is stained with a Dark Walnut stain and the bottom is a satin black.

The top is attached using only four 5 inch dowels glued in place.

I think it adds a little something to the top especially with all the stain that the dowel soaked up. Oh and they whole thing is built basically out of 2x4's there is some Pine 1x3 for the skirting on the base but that all.

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