Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jelly Cupboard is Done

I took the time today and got the jelly cupboard finished.  We ended up putting chicken wire on it.  I got the handle attached so it can be opened now that the chicken wire is installed.  My wife took some time to fill the cupboard with a few things and now she is trying to figure out what color to paint the bathroom. 


Everything installed looking good, we are trying out some different ideas for the top. 








The wife filling up the cupboard.  I’m sure she will find more stuff to fill it with.








Here is what we decided on for now.  I am very pleased with the way it turned out. 






Have a Great Day!



  1. The wire really looks good. Great idea. Makes for a great way to display items.

  2. Beautiful, Grover! You must be sooo pleased! Such a timeless shape, attractive and ultra functional. A winner on all accords in my book.


  3. You did a great job Grover. I also use milk paint on all my projects.I just love the old world look it gives and the fact that it has no volatile organic compounds which means it is safe for the environment......Thanks.......Greg

  4. Thanks Greg. I love milk paint. It's a great product.

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