Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jelly Cupboard and Guitar update

Well I finally decided it was time to finish the jelly cupboard.  I am almost there.  I have the main body painted the door painted and need to get the final pieces of the door cut and will have it all done.  We decided at this time we are just going to put chicken wire on the door.  I will post pics once that is done.  I used milk paint and am pretty pleased with it. 


I used white milk paint for the inside and green on the outside.  I also stained the top instead of painting














Okay now for the guitar.  I have let this thing mess with my head way to much and made a ton of mistakes that I probably wouldn’t have if this had been furniture.  I think I will be able to salvage it and make something of a playable guitar out of it.  I have learned a ton and it has allowed me to get over my guitar making jitters.  I will hopefully get this thing done soon.

But for now here is a picture of it in its current state









Have a Great Day!

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  1. Love the cupboard, Grover! The colours are absolutely beautiful! Shape, such a classic. You have a winner on your hands there!


  2. Thanks Donna.. The wife is really happy with it as well. I hope to get the door finished up tonight and get that sucker in the bathroom. We are going to use it to hold towels, etc. It should look really good in there.



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