Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shop Clean up Reorganization, Projects, Projects and more Projects……

Well I have not had a lot going on in the shop lately.  That is getting ready to change.  I have a few new projects that are hitting the plate here.  So in an effort to prepare for them I spent a little time last night with my new shop helper wife cleaning up the shop.  Man can that woman can clean.  Now the shop is nice and clean and you can walk out there again.  Okay back to the projects.  I have a couple in progress that we will finish up, 1) The Restoration of the 5 Drawer Dresser should be coming to a close very soon.  I need to finish the stripping process and then repaint. 2) The shutter mirror is assembled and should be getting a few coats of paint over the next several days. 

Now on to the new projects.  I will be doing a build of a Rustic Jelly Cupboard with Punched Tin panels, I will be finishing out our downstairs  windows with the curtain shelves that I started.  These are super simple and IMG_1745_weblook awesome when they are in place.  I will share some tips that I learned building the first two.  This is the first one that I built.  I know my wife is going to be excited since we get to go curtain shopping.  IKEA here we come.    I designed these using dimensioned lumber from the big box stores so that you only need a few basic tools.  3) I am also going to take the shop to the next level.  I am going to be building a Portable stand that will hold both my Lunchbox planer and Compound miter saw.  The top flips 360° so that one tool is on top and one tool is on the bottom out of the way, with it being on wheels I will be able to move it out of the way when not in use.  I also am going be building Cabinets for the shop to provide some needed storage for our tools as well as to get all of my wife’s stained glass out of harms way.  I plan on building these from plywood and lumber from the big box stores using a that I reviewed a few weeks ago.  Do you think that is enough?  Yeah I don’t either. 

So I am also going to be doing a review of the Kreg Crown Pro they are supposed to be available at most Lowe’s stores now.  It is supposed to simplify the process of cutting and installing crown molding.  We shall see.

This leads into the remake of one of our guest bedrooms, the 5 Drawer Dresser and Shutter Mirror are parts 1 and 2 the crown molding will be part 3 and the finale to the guest bedroom makeover will be a modified Farm House Bed designed by Ana at Knock Off Wood

Oh yeah and I am going to do a series on learning to hand cut dovetails.  Time to go buy some new tools.  I’m sure I will also get brave in all of this and add more projects. 

Okay well I have put it out there so I guess now I need to follow through.  Honey get ready it’s going to get dusty.


Have a Great Day!


  1. Um, I think you have too much time on your hands ;). Just kidding - I LOVE the window shelf/curtain thingie! What a great idea! You'll have to invite us over for hot cocoa so we can "oOOOoo & AaahhhHHhhhh" over the curtains after your wifie shops :). Great work!

  2. Snowing here today in South Carolina. Might be a good say to do some clean up around here too. I need to make some room before I start yet another project. Keep up the good work.

  3. Monica we are going to put the shelves over all the windows downstairs with the exception of the sun room. When we get them all done we will have you guys over. It might be for tea by the time I get done however. :)

    Rory yeah it has started snowing up here in NC. I am very happy that the shop is clean, now it's time to make it dirty again.



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