Saturday, March 6, 2010

Argh… The tool hunt was a bust

Well we made it to the antique show and I looked all over the place and only found one vendor selling any tools and they were okay but nothing jumped out and said buy me.  So maybe next time.  There is supposed to be a bigger show next month so hopefully that will have some additional tools. I guess we will see.  We did however find a great little Windsor Chair.  I need to get it out in the shop and just make sure that everything is nice and tight and to get some photos.  I will try and take care of that tomorrow.  I would love to learn how to build these chairs they are suck a great chair.

We did get a chance to meet a couple of fellow bloggers from The Greentiques Solution and The French Maid’s Place.  They do some amazing work you should make sure and check out their blogs and see some of there work.


Till next time…..

Have a Great Day!

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