Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jelly Cupboard Build Day 4

Well today is day four of the Jelly Cupboard build.  I got a late start tonight so I didn’t get as much accomplished as I had hoped but on the positive side the rough carcass is togetherIMG_3421_1024x768

There are a TON of clamps on there,  two for every shelf.  I am very happy with it.  I have to do some tuning to the mortises.  Some of the mortises were not as tight as I would have likedIMG_3426_1024x768 so I added a few shims to each of the shelves it really tightened things up on the mortises.  They are much tighter than they originally were.  I will take a utility knife and cut away the extra shim after the glue has dried.  I also took the time tonight to use my new mouse cam.  I figured I wouldIMG_3423_1024x768 have the little guy take a shot of the decorative arch.  I used a jigsaw to cut the two arches out.  I’m not the greatest at free hand cutting with the so there is a little clean up that needs to be done.  Honestly one of the most amazing things that happened is when I checked level on all the shelves.  This is what I found.  IMG_3427_1024x768

I can honestly say I am shocked.  I didn’t really think that the shelves would be that level.  This is probably the biggest projected I have taken on so far in my short time woodworking.  I think I am starting to get the hang of all this stuff, but I have a LONG way to go and so much to learn.  I hope you will stick around and learn with me. 

Have a Great Day!

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