Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jelly Cupboard Build Day 3

I spent a few hours in the shop tonight and got some things accomplished.  I was able to get all the all the dados routed out for sides.  These are my first ever dados.  I did okay.  They are a little loose in some spots and a little tighter in others.IMG_3411_1024x768

I clamped the two sides together and marked the dados and then routed.  One thing I stared doing to improve the dados after the first one was to cut on the inside of the of the lines and make micro adjustments.  I kept a scrap piece of the shelf to test fit in the dados to make sure I had not over done it.   I also had to rabbet the back of each side so that it will accept the boards for the back that will be attached.IMG_3418_1024x768   Here are a few pictures of that the back looks like.  I spent a little time dry fitting the frame together and was pretty happy.  IMG_3419_1024x768







I stuck a level on it just to check it and see if it even came close.  I am pretty happy with it of course it doesn’t really make a hill of beans at this point since it is just being dry fitted but there is potential there.  Hopefully in the next day or so I can get things glued up and assembled.  I cut the face frame pieces to short so I had to re-cut them.  Glad I tested that out before I glued or nailed anything together.  Shouldn’t be to much longer. 

I also wanted to let everyone know about another project that I am going add to the list before a few others.  I am hopefully going to be working with a local primitive store to build some shelves benches, etc.  Here is a picture of one of the designs that I am going to build for them.Single Bowl Shelf

I would love to know what you all think.  It’s a single bowl shelf.



Have a Great Day!


  1. The bowl shelf is great!!


  2. Thanks Brenda. I hope to have it built this weekend. I think I have enough scrap from the Jelly Cupboard build to make one out of. It should be fun.

  3. And bowl racks are SO popular right now!! Actually anything primitive looking!!


  4. Yeah I am starting to see them everywhere. I am really starting to focus on the primitive style right now. It doesn't hurt that it is what my wife and I like. She will be happy because I will start building all the stuff she likes in the catalogs.

  5. Looks like the jelly cupboard is coming right along. The design for the bowl shelf looks nice too. Not unusual to have some fit issues when using a router to cut dados. Sounds like you did a pretty nice job cutting them, especially for a first time.


  6. Yeah it is coming along. I had really hoped to be further along tonight. Just updated the blog with a few additional pictures.



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