Sunday, March 28, 2010

5 Drawer Dresser Makeover/Refurbish | Painted and Knobbed

I finally got back to the dresser I was restoring and refinishing.  I am a little spastic when it comes to projects.  I like to have too many going on at once.  In an effort to reduce the number of projects outstanding and make my wife happy by providing the furniture she has been asking for I am focusing on a few quick wins.  The Dresser being the first. 

I spent some time on and off today in the shop and was able to get the dresser in some color.  It is called Java Brown it’s an interior latex from Lowe’s. 

IMG_3487_1024x768 IMG_3488_1024x768 







Here you can see the Java Brown color and the 3 Drawers that I have completed sanding and painting.  I have some final sanding that will need to be done after the final coat is put on, I will use 220 grit sand paper this is eliminate any orange peel that I get from using my sprayer. 









IMG_3491_1024x768 IMG_3492_1024x768 








My wife found some knobs at Hobby Lobby that she liked so I took a couple of minutes to put them on to see what she thought.  She likes them.  I don’t know if she is 100% on them.  One thing I should note here is, originally this dresser actually used two hole drawer pulls.  The other holes had been filled by the previous owner.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures but the current ones look slightly off since they are pushed so far to the outer edges.  They should actually be about an inch or two in if you are going to use single pulls.  She is  thinking she might have me drill out the holes and move to a wider drawer pull. 

Once I have the other two drawers sanded and painted we will move it to its new home in one of the guest bedrooms. 





Okay here we go.  If you have an older piece of furniture or even a newer piece of furniture with drawers that ride on wooden rails then over time you will find that they become harder to open.  One thing that you can do to ease the friction of the wood to wood contact is to apply some petroleum jelly to both the bottom of the drawer and to the rails inside the piece.  I have also heard that you can use a bar of soap and accomplish the same thing.  I have not tried the bar of soap so I can not attest to it effectiveness.  I might have to give it a try on this dresser and compare the two methods.

If you would like to know which works better, comment at the bottom and I will take on this very scientific project and report my findings. 

Coming up……

I am excited that I am bringing this project to a close.  Once this project is complete I will be working on Four Custom made Ink Pens for a Wedding, as well as finishing up the Jelly Cupboard build.  I have decided to use two different colors of Milk Paint.  The exterior of the cupboard will be Sea Green and the interior is going to be Light Cream.  It should be interesting.

Have a Great Day!

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  1. I'm so going to have to find larger drawer handles! You did a great job, now to get it in it's new home. :)

  2. just found you made my day....another "trick for sticky drawers ...rub with wax paper or even candle...anything waxy.....I refinish and redo alot of treasures and find this works for me...I just open and close the wax paper into the sticking part several times .....Karen

  3. Karen that is another great idea. I had not thought about the wax paper. The candle make perfect sense, plus it's a lot cleaner to apply. The petroleum jelly gets kinda messy after a while. :)

    Thanks for the trick.



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