Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Holy Readers Batman

Thank to all the fans of Knock Of Wood who swung by.  I am very delighted to have you here.  If you don’t mind leave me a message and tell me what you would like to see on the blog.  If you want custom designed pieces that you can build I can get into that or if you want to just continue to see the stuff I am doing in the shop that’s great as well.  I am looking for ideas to make this a fun and informative blog for the new woodworker, aspiring woodworker, and even you old pros. 

I am a fairly new woodworker.  I have always wanted to have my own shop.  I really enjoy the process of taking raw lumber and molding it into a piece of art or a functional piece of furniture.  My secret desire well okay maybe not so secret is to start building guitars.  I am a guitar player but I think I am more of a woodworker and that leads me down the road of wanting to build the instrument that I enjoy playing. 

I am hoping to start a couple new projects in the coming weeks so stay tuned.  I am going to start working on a couple of plans for some chairs and a Farm Table.  It will be something similar to what you can see at Knock Of Wood but my goal is to make it expandable for the holidays when the family comes in.

Feel free to comment or shoot me an email.

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