Friday, January 29, 2010

Chair Design Part 2

I spent some time yesterday trying to come up with several different blends of the chairs. I think I like the last set the best and will probably be what we go with.

Chair Set #2


I didn’t like the way the base turned out on this set of chairs.  It looks like it might be slightly unstable.

Chair Set #3


This set of chairs is my current favorite, I like the overall design I need to fix structure underneath for support but I think these will be viable solutions.

Let me know what you think about the 3 different sets.


  1. Grover I like #3 on the right the best, you may consider narrowing the width of the curved top rail and narrow the back slats accordingly. I think this gives you a less bulky look but still allows for strength. Cant tell by the sketch if the legs have a taper, but go with it. Good Luck

  2. Rick thanks for stopping by. I do agree I tried to figure out how to do that in SketchUp.. Still learning. I think when I do build the chairs I am going to taper the seat at the back so its a little more narrow. The back slats absolutely need to be narrowed, I think they are about 2" current in that design and I want to get them down to 1" The legs are tapered the taper is on the inside edge. I left the front straight since my Challenge to myself is to build this totally out of 2x4's.



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