Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coffee Table Diagram

I have officially started the coffee table.  Most of the top is now glued up and sitting in clamps.  I need to finish the breadboard pieces and get them glued on.  I will be using biscuits for this as well.  The top is made from reclaimed 2x4's and it joined by biscuits 3 per board about ever 7 or 8 inches.  I completed the diagram that I am using to build the coffee table it is going to end up being 42" wide by 20" deep x 19" high.  It is again a modified knockoff of the table from Knock Off Wood.  At the request of my wife I changed the legs a little bit so they do not look bulky as well as I changed the way the skirting works.  There will be a 2" offset from the edge of the table top to the outside face of the skirting.

The legs also have a slight taper on them.  You can get fancy and build a taper jig for the table saw or use a bandsaw to cut the taper.  The easiest way would be do use a jigsaw.  The taper starts 5" down the 18" leg and comes in about 22/32" you can play with those dimensions to get the exact look you want.  Just make sure you leave enough for the legs to be stable.

Here is a picture of the finished diagram:

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